ScorePortal - A Final Goodbye

Scoreportal has been a long journey for us.

From the small idea to empower students with data, we envisioned a platform that prioritizes the student's experience and aids them through the difficult challenges faced in a rigorous academic environment.

We learned a lot on our journey from both you, our users, and from providing a better education experience for both students and teachers.

We have come far from where we started, but just like how not every seed can become a tree, not every startup grows to a successful company. This unfortunately means we must bring ScorePortal to a close.

The product we envisioned to deliver is no longer sustainable due to the difficulty in scaling our team to the work we faced, licensing and legal issues, the running financial cost of development and maintenance, as well as the team now pursuing other areas in their respective universities. We decided it would be for the best to decommission ScorePortal.

We want to thank those who have been with us since the very beginning and those who have supported and motivated us continually throughout the years. From alpha-testers to beta-testers to our latest users, we thank you for everything you've given us.


The ScorePortal Team